1. Can I use Scan It Total Security / Anti Virus / Internet Security with other Anti Viruses?

We don’t recommend to do this!

There are a number of reasons that limit the ability to use multiple antivirus solutions on one computer:

  1. Antivirus programs are accessing the same system files to work. Simultaneous access to system resources can cause conflicts and /or failures.
  2. Some anti-virus products offer real-time scan services. Such scanning requires substantial use of system resources. You may experience a significant reduction in computer performance.
  3. In the event of a threat, the real-time file scan modules can access infected files at the same time, which may lead to a malfunction in the operation of the operating system.

So, using 2 or more anti-virus software solutions at the same time on 1 PC is not adisable, you can impact  operating system performance more than it can bring benefits. That is why it is not recommended to use other antivirus products if you already use Scan It Product.

  1. Whether will conflict with the use of the product Scan It Total Security with Windows Defender?

Conflicts do not arise. In the process of testing our product on Windows operating systems with the Windows Defender module have not been detected conflicts.

  1. How to resize antivirus window

During the initial design of 3.0 line products, the management of our project decided to leave the antivirus window size 1024×768. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no possibility to change the size of the main window of the anti-virus in any way (through settings or otherwise). On our official website in the product descriptions in the section minimum system requirements, these parameters are also indicated. Note that in the future the question of the possibility of changing this window will be considered.

  1. Text in the antivirus window is displayed incorrectly

An incorrect (not full) text display in the antivirus can be in the case of using an enlarged font in the settings of your OS. To display the text in the antivirus correctly, set the font size to 100% in the OS settings.

  1. How to disable automatic updating of antivirus software modules?

You can disable automatic updating of the antivirus in the program settings. If you want to do this, you have to open the main window Scan It Total Security – in the side menu, find the button Maintenance – Settings – General Settings. In the main part of the window you will see the item “Update antivirus” – put the switch in the Off position.

  1. How to disable automatic update of anti-virus databases?

Disabling automatic updates is not technically provided. Antivirus makes a request to the update server every three hours of its work. It ensures timely updating of the antivirus and increases the level of protection of your PC.

  1. How to disable pop-up messages?

The output of pop-up messages of the antivirus can be turned off in the Antivirus Settings, in the “General Settings” tab. Also in the Settings you can see the item “Game Mode”. If you put the switch in the “On” position, this option will disable all pop-up windows when the game window is maximized.

  1. The license is not re-activated after reinstalling the OS.

To reactivate a license key, you need to contact technical support with a request to untie your license from the previous OS and report part of your license key.

  1. License deactivated

This problem may occur in the case of using programs to clean the registry or when making changes in the OS (OS recovery, OS update). Reactivate your license in the License menu to resolve this issue. If re-activation fails, we recommend contacting technical support.

  1. False positive detect antivirus to secure file

Let’s inform us. We will be able to help you as soon as possible

When we get information about False positive detect to secure file we send software to our Laboratory for its exploring and analysis. If our specialists will not find any malicious code in this file and any its destructive or immoral actions, we will operative fix it and release update AV base with this fix. The copy of Scan It Total Security on customer’s PC will download updates for Antivirus Bases with these fixes in the nearest time.

  1. False positive detect

Please give us the files of your software which was detected as false positive and we will forwarded them to our Antivirus Laboratory for its exploring and analysis. If our specialists will not find any malicious code in this file and any destructive or immoral actions, we will operative fix it and release update AV base with this fix. The copy of Scan It Total Security on customer’s PC will download updates for Antivirus Bases with these fixes in the nearest time.

  1. During updating it is being stopped

If Scan It Total Security informs you about the error when you try to update its Antivirus bases, it means that some files of your copy of Scan It Total Security are broken. This problem may be caused by power outage, recovering of your operation system, deleting files during cleaning etc. For fixing it we recommend you to download and install one time Scan It Total Security Antivirus bases from our official website by the next link: http://scanit.co.in/bases2/scanitAntivirusBases.exe. After that you have to install this file on your PC and restart your PC when the installing process will be finished. These actions should fix problem with Scan It Total Security on your PC

  1. Found an error when using antivirus

Please describe the error you found when using Scan It Total Security email us at support@scanit.co.in Also attach screenshots to your description for a more complete understanding of the problem you found. In turn, we will pass the information you provide to the developers to correct our product.

  1. “Kernel service … disabled” How to restore service?

To restore the correct operation of the program Scan It Total Security On your computer, you need to update the antivirus databases manually once. You can download antivirus databases at the following link: http://scanit.co.in/bases2/scanitAntivirusBases.exe After this, you have to install this file on your computer and restart the computer when the installation process is complete. These actions should solve the problem with Scan It Total Security on your pc.

  1. What to choose in the “Action” column in the Firewall?

Firewall of our product Scan It Total Security with the default settings (those that are installed automatically after installing the program) automatically creates rules for the applications that are used on your computer.

Therefore, we do not recommend changing the settings of the Firewall without the need to change it

By default, in the firewall program Scan It Total Security for most applications only outgoing connections are allowed, since such rights are sufficient for most applications. For example, for graphic editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.) this rule is even more than sufficient, for them it is possible to set the action “Lock all connections”, since they are mostly required for outgoing connections only for calls’ the update server and the license check. There are programs that require the “Allow All Connections” action. Such programs, as a rule, interact with databases on remote servers, used in accounting, etc. For them, Firewall Scan It Total Security automatically “Allow all connections” action. You can also change the “Allow only outgoing” actions to “Allow all connections” automatically if necessary. To change the Actions for any application in the Application Rules, we recommend that you change the action in the drop-down list. In the drop-down list opposite the desired program, you need to select the desired action. There is no need to change anything and push. If you want to use the changes which was made in the operating system, we recommend that you restart your computer. But all the optimal configurations are Firewall Scan It Total Security assigns to each application automatically, and in most cases it is not necessary to edit its settings.

  1. Firewall Scan It Total Security blocks the program

If the program is Scan It Total Security blocks starting or operation of any program on your computer, the reliability of which you are sure, we advise you to adjust your firewall program Scan It Total Security. It will take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

So, we recommend that you do the following:

1) Open the main window of the Scan It Total Security (2 times by pressing the left mouse button on the icon Scan It Total Security in the lower right corner of your desktop near the clock in the “tray”);

2) Go to the “Firewall” tab, the “Rules for the applications” section, the Configure button;

3) In the “Rules for application” find all the components you require programs and applications that are necessary for its correct functioning;

4) Change the Action to each component to “Allow All Connections”. We recommend simply change the status for each component by selecting the “drop-down list” for his status to “Allow all connections”. No other buttons need to be clicked.

We also recommend restart the program or PC after completing these steps.

  1. Reduces the speed of Internet connection

We also tested the simultaneous operation of the products Scan It together with the work of the Internet and its applications / components / resources. The results of the analysis did not differ radically (if Scan It Total Security was turned on, approximately 22Mbit / 26Mbit; when turned off, it was 25Mbit / 29-30Mbits).

Of course, any antivirus will affect connection speed and load, because all processes (in this case, those that occur on a computer and related network) traffic files – they are checked by antivirus, but it takes some time. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the specialists of the majority of Internet providers and we, as software developers, to ensure that the results are most objective in checking download speed, we recommend following the three main points:

  1. Verify the speed of the Internet by connecting your PC directly to the network wire (without the participation of the router at all). This will avoid the variability that is inherent to connect wirelessly and immediately discard the nuances of the work of the router, which will necessarily have an effect and therefore you will not see an objective assessment.
  2. Scan speed Internet better load popular large files with a program like uTorrent, because it is the maximum load available channels and you will see an objective measure of speed.
  3. Check the speed of the Internet in different conditions for the same limited period of time. For example, check in different browsers on one PC when turned off and then turned on by Scan It Total Security, and compare metrics. But check it as many times as possible (at least 2-3 times under the same conditions).
  4. Does not remove Scan It Total Security

If you want to uninstall Scan It Total Security we recommend restart your computer and try to uninstall the program again.

Please use only standard Windows software tools to uninstall programs.

We recommend that you use uninstall programs by clicking the Start button – Control Panel – Programs and Components / Installing and Uninstalling Programs / Deleting Programs. In the table that is being built, you need to choose a program Scan It Total Security and right-click the mouse – click the “Delete” button.

This inconvenience could also occur if services were manually turned off Scan It Total Security. If you or another PC user turned them off. Please turn on Services Scan It Total Security and repeat the process of uninstalling the program.



Antivirus service

Scan It Total Security Auxiliary Service (SIAAux.exe) is designed to check the status of the License, maintain reports, operate the Optimizer modules and FileShredder, transfer statistics about found threats and exceptions to our server, chat with Support.

Scan It Total Security Core Service (SIACore.exe) is used to provide all kinds of scans: real-time scanning, fast scan, full scan, selective scan, USB protection module operation (along with Scan It Total Security Auxiliary Service (SIAAux.exe).

Scan It Total Security Hips antivirus service (SIAHips.exe) provides the Inspector (Behavior Analyzer) and self-protection module.

Scan It Total Security Net Service (SIANet.exe) provides Internet protection in the program, that is, the functioning of modules Firewall, Internet protection, Antispam, etc.

Scan It Total Security Updater Service (SIAUpdater.exe) downloads updates to the Antivirus bases and Product Modules of Scan It Total Security.

Antivirus has found viruses and apply only “Ignore” action for infected files


  1. After the finish or stop of scanning of users, Antivirus has found some viruses and only offers “Ignore” action. Yellow level of dangerous on scan grid
  2. When the customer is trying to change the action “Ignore” to other, Antivirus apply “Ignore”

Reason: Infected files are in archives.

Solving the problem # 1: While the viruses remain in the archives, they are not running and are not dangerous for a client’s PC. If the client will work with these archives, a special element of Antivirus, named inline scanner “Patrol” will detect threats and propose him some active actions with them. Antivirus does not remove archives, because they can be mail databases, installation packages, or something like that. The result of removing these archives can be worse than to leave them intact.

Solving the problem # 2: If customer wants, he can remove dangerous files manually following the way Antivirus shows. But we do not recommend this action. It will be better if the customer wait until he has to unpack this archive and Patrol will respond to threats.


Different numbers of virus signatures sometime

Short description of problem: Sometime there are about 7 million numbers of virus signatures in the UPDATE tab of Antivirus, and more than 17 million numbers of virus signatures in the UPDATE tab in another time.

Reason: It depends on the option “Load full set of bases (reboot required)”:

Description of the logic: About the options “Reboot required”, we have to accent the next: this option will be presented to the world in September 2012. It allowed us to reduce operational memory consumption by software antivirus is a customer’s PC to 70-80 Mb.

Option: “Load full set of base” is disabled by default. Antivirus is downloaded with a basic set of virus bases. The basic package includes most of the world’s most spread and dangerous viruses. If the antivirus finds at least one virus on your computer, it loads the full set of virus database (without rebooting antivirus) automatically.

In complete virus database includes basic set and all the old and less ubiquitous virus signature.

In order to antivirus, you always need to turn on this option in the settings and restart the antivirus.

What does this mean for users of Antivirus:

1) Significantly increase the download speed of the system with the installed Antivirus;

2) In the system to free up more memory, which will speed up the work of other programs and computers in general;

3) Increase the speed of opening documents, the speed of the files and folders. If the customer does not want to use it, he can change the settings himself.

What information should be collected from your side for analysis

Our support team have rules for supporting.

Our support team does not resolve problem that associated with adding additional functions and changes of design of antivirus. About all these questions, we recommend you to contact your manager of our Business Development Department

If you give more details about issue our support team send you answer more quickly.

As for information that need to create the ticket:

–              In case if something does not work in program/operation system you have to attach to bugtracker logs of AV (logfiles are in the folder C:ProgramDataScan It Total SecurityLogs, system information and screen shots of issue.

–              In case if something work slowly attach to bug tracker file: C:ProgramDataScan It Total SecurityFirewallFirewallDB.